Rain Around The Moon
A tiny seed in my mind from my late teenage years, became the story of one Katherine Carrera, born an illegitimate daughter to a ballerina. Tragedy had struck her mother down, and she was given at birth to a peasant woman, barely alive. Cared for and loved for the first thirteen years of her life, until terror sent her fleeing from the woman she had grown to love. Alone, frightened, and hungry she ran, both from herself, and the memories that would always haunt her. With nothing but her own courage to carry her through, her future brought her young love, and a terrible choice to make with in its existence. This is Katherine’s story, of her unconditional love for those that she held dear, throughout personal tragedies,political uprisings, wars and the never-ending secret that continually haunted her.

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Rain around the moon
The Housekeeper’s Legacy
The joy gained from completing Rain Around The Moon, has spurred Maureen on to write another novel. This is the story of Trafina Paris, who rose from poverty, taking her personal revenge on those who used the cruel class system, and abused innocent children like her, to attain their ill gotten gains. Set among the satanic mills of Northern England. Her own life hides it tragedies, and overcomes its most devastating moments as she struggles to free herself and her family from the past. A life story worthy of the recognition of rich and poor alike. An abused child, desperately trying to brush away the past, and bring upon herself riches that she could one day bestow with love upon those who most deserved it.

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The Housekeeper’s Legacy