A Guardian Angel

Why weren't you there in my childhood
When demons invaded my sleep.

When I'd run without moving through walls of white water
My screams of fear lost in the deep.

Why weren't you there when my hands felt so tiny
My body so frail and so slight.

When great walls of white water for ever engulfed me
Why didn't you know of my plight.

And yet as exhaustion brought my submission
And I dropped to my knees in the sand,

You stood there before me face gilded with sunlight
You smiled and you held out your hand.

You lifted me up from the walls of white water
And we flew as if we had wings,

To blue skies and flowers, and trees filled with blossom,
To where night ends and morning begins

You were there in the days of my childhood,
And I know you are with me today

When I'm down and the walls of white water surround me
You lift me and show me the way.

A poem published in 1997 by The international library of poetry. In an anthology called The Star Laden Sky.